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Jetta TDI Wagon 2011 - Flipping Headrest?

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Is there anyway to flip the front headrest? My wife is short and the headrest does not fit short people :)

Or is there any "replacement" headrest that can be installed which is not as agressive?

Thanks for any feedback.


PS -- any safety concerns should actually be be "flipped" because the default headrest is dangerous if you are under 5 feet because your head is forced to bend downwards...
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I don't know for sure but I don't see why a headrest from an earlier Jetta wouldn't work. I don't understand though, is the problem that her head is tilted too far forward? Try tilting the seat back. 2005.5-2006 Jetta had active headrests which moved forward and down. 2007-2008 had passive headrests with a lower whiplash rating. 2009+ had passive headrests which were tilted forward and have the best safety rating.
In my experience, people who have problems with the new (mandated) anti-whiplash head restraints are sitting with the seatback far too upright. The correct seating position is with the seatback reclined enough that the headrest does not (quite) touch the back of the head while sitting normally. If the seating position is more vertical than ergonomics experts recommend, the headrest becomes intrusive.
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