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If it's out of warranty it's out of warranty. Sorry for your problems.

There's a bunch of possible problems. Is the problem that it always shuts down at 4600? Whenever you rev the engine to 4600 rpm it shuts down? Is it the same in neutral and in gear?

Check relay 109. This is a relay under the driver's side dash. Look under the steering wheel and remove the panel. There's a bunch of relays. There is one labelled 109.

I believe that the new one is grey and the old one is black. If it's black then it could be the problem. The issue is that it overheats and then shuts off the car due to no power.

It could be coolant migration - remove the coolant tank plug and see if there's coolant pooled in the plug area. Some cars had defective tanks and leaked coolant.

It's usually not the ECU or injector pump but when does it shut down - driving around town, revving in neutral, on the highway?

When was the timing belt last done? How is mileage? Smoke?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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