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It's possible it's a fuel problem but it doesn't explain the knocking sound.

Any fuel leaks? Good fuel filter? It's possible it's a bad tandem pump. On the driver's side end of the head there's a dual fuel and vacuum pump. Normal fuel economy? No other error codes? There's an electric fuel pump in the fuel tank. It's possible it's cutting out or clogged resulting in no fuel.

The other injection pumps are the injectors themselves. If there's a wiring problem to the head (look at driver's side round plug), it's possible it could result in fuel cut.

Good engine compression? I'm not sure if the knocking sound at idle is a bad camshaft but have you inspected the cam? http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/multi/camshaft-inspection-replace-VW-TDI.htm I don't think this would be silenced by stepping on the clutch though.

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I am at the end of my patience, though I am someone that does not give up on things.

I can tell you what I have done that has NOT fixed my random stalling problem.

The car stalls when slowing down to a stop, after cranking for at least 15 seconds with my foot on the gas pedal it starts. Sometimes it is difficult to start with same symptoms when I initially want to start the car with engine cold. Outside temperature has no effect, the stalling occurs random though it occurs more often when the tank is less than 1/2 full.

I have done the following without having success;

1. Replaced lift pump in tank(Used OEM pump).
2. Replaced fuel filter.
2. Took it to the dealer for diagnostics, they could not find any problems or codes.
3. Replaced timing belt( using correct tools)
4. Had the turbo rebuilt due to oil leakage.
5. Replaced cam.
5. Replaced cam timing sensor.
6. Replaced engine speed sensor.
7. Replaced fuel pump relay.
8. Removed and inspected all fuses.
9. Replaced engine wiring harness.

After all of this the problem remains, even though it averages 45 MPG and the engine runs very strong.

I am an expert mechanic and rarely get stuck but this one has kicked my butt. If anyone knows of a solution I will really appreciate it if you can pass it on. After spending allot of time and money I am now seriously considering spending 5 dollars more on a gallon of gasoline and setting it on fire. I am posting this every where I can in hope that someone has a solution, I will pass it on if I achieve success.
Engine sounds fine but just guessing with known common problems: is it possible the injector bores are leaking compression? Sometime they go oval. EGR or intake valve closing? Sometimes the plastic gears strip and they doesn't move right.
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