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The relevant parts below...if they are pushing for electric vehicles, what future does TDI have in the US? People seem to be gung-ho on hybrids and electric but Europe is TDI strong.

Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn's Opening Remarks at the Volkswagen Group Pre-Show Event in Geneva - March 1st, 2010

The race to succeed with the propulsion technologies of the future is underway. Our Group already has the edge with efficient internal combustion engines, lightweight design, DSG transmissions, and smart electronics.

And we also intend to reach this position in the field of electro-mobility, too. Volkswagen is the automaker who will take the hybrid out of its niche with volume models. And Volkswagen will also be the first automaker to launch a mass-produced electric car for everyone.

We have laid the foundations.
Over the past few days, we have adopted a new and ambitious plan for the intorduction of e-mobility, with clearly defined, fixed milestones. In 2010, we will be launching the Touareg Hybrid, our first hybrid production model. You will be able to drive this new vehicle in the next few days. Over the next few months, our electric test fleets will go onto the roads of Europe, North America, and China. In 2011, we plan to add 500 electric Golfs to the test fleet. The Jetta Hybrid will appear in 2010, to be followed by hybrid versions of the Passat and Golf in 2013.

2013 will be the key year for our breakthrough with electric vehicles: First, the Volkswagen e-Up! is to be launched, to be followed by the E-Golf a few months later, and the E-Jetta at the end of 2013. The decisive thing about all these vehicles is that they will not only be environmentally compatible, but also affordable, reliable, and safe.

This is the only way for the automobile industry to achieve success with zero-emissions mobility. We are called upon: automakers, energy companies, and politicians. We can only make the electric car a reality on our roads through joint efforts.

This means we need: Massive support for research, targeted incentives for customers, and a high-performance infrastructure.

Ladies and gentlemen, this all goes to show that e-mobility will be at the heart of Volkswagen in the future, too. And the entire Volkswagen Group is in the fast lane with hybrid and electric vehicles!

At the end of 2010, Audi will also be starting series production of the Q5 Hybrid. At the end of 2012 the e-tron will be the first electric vehicle to be launched with a small production series.

Here in Geneva, Audi is showing what "Vorsprung durch Technik" means with the A8 Hybrid and the A1 e-tron. With the Cayenne and the 918 Spyder concept, Porsche is moving rapidly towards hybrid vehicles. Within the Group, SEAT and Å koda are also working on further solutions for the era of e-mobility. The SEAT IBE, for example is a clear statement, as well as the starting point for a broad-based electro-mobility initiative in Spain.

Efficient internal combustion engines are the basis for responsible mobility in the Volkswagen Group. Now we are making electro-mobility our second strong cornerstone. As a multi-brand group with our modular systems, we are uniquely well-positioned to succeed in our efforts. Because we can take alternative drive systems flexibly and economically to all our series and the vehicles of all Group brands.

Against this backdrop, the Volkswagen Group aims to boost the share of electric vehicles in automobile deliveries to three percent by 2018. This unprecedented electro-mobility program is another key building brick in our Strategy 2018.

TDI in Europe may be common but not in the US. The market has shown a clear preference for hybrids, specifically the Prius. Other hybrids don't even sell all that well. VW recognizes that they need to get into the game. They also have Audi and Porsche to take care of too.
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