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Recently my Jetta 2009 mk5 2.0 TDi 125kw CEGA stalled whilst driving and it wouldn't start at all so i had to get it towed to the mechanic.
Car cranked strongly, with no codes or lights on the dashboard.
When the mechanic inspected it, they found that each cylinder had air at the injectors and they had to purge each of the lines manually until there was no air.

Would priming the fuel system in VAGcom also fix this?

Car has already done 150kms since its minor service where the fuel filter was changed, car has a 70% fuel tank and was never run to 0 on the previous tank. It stalled when i was just slowly going up a hill at ~15% throttle where i felt the car stutter and shake for a few seconds then stopped.
Mechanics tested the fuel pump and the fuel filter both of which were operating correctly also.

I am now worried about driving the car in case i get stranded and need a tow again, how worried should i be?

I also have a VAGcom which i will be leaving in the car so i can prime the fuel system again,

Any ideas on how it could have happened??
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