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Jay Leno drives new and old VW Beetles

Jay Leno's job rules. Besides earning him enough scratch to buy and maintain just about anything he feels like in his now-famous garage, auto manufacturers are seemingly more than willing to jet him around the globe to sample their cars.

This time, it's the 2012 VW Beetle the arched-roof recipient of a top-to-bottom redesign. To give the story a little historical context, Leno drives VW's latest back-to-back with a 1938 Beetle, the oldest in existence. Needless to say, Jay was duly impressed with both cars (bonus points for anyone who can correctly tell us how many times he says "iconic"), but, and here's a shocker, Leno figures he'd rather drive the 2012 model on a daily basis.


Jay Leno drives world's oldest and newest Volkswagen Beetle in Wolfsburg originally appeared on Autobloghttp://www.autoblog.com on Mon, 11 Jul 2011
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