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Hi All-

New to these forums (and TDI ownership). I've traded in my SUV (GMC) and my commuter (Civic) and aim to combine their respective powers of utility and fuel economy with a Passat TDI wagon. I hope to exceed the limitations of both old cars with my VW.

As I am new to the experience and haven't even found a suitable example yet, I'm hoping to get some advice from you veterans. I have read the FAQs and have poked around the forums some. I've been searching the 'net for some 2004s and 2005s (only B5 TDIs in N America, no?), but it seems that the 04-05 examples are scarce, and those that I view seem to have had either a tough life or are out of my price range. I am not super-mechanically inclined, but I follow directions carefully and as a rule, take very good care of my vehicles. I plan to keep this Passat for a very long time.

Here is what I know (please dispel any myths):
-VW only imported B5 Passat TDIs in N America in 04 and 05
-It is impossible to find a TDI with 4motion
-Service is required every 10k mi (oil, fluids, etc) and 20k mi (air filters)
-This TDI is iron block, alum head, 2V/cylinder
-Am I on the right track here?

Where should I be looking for a good TDI?
I am hoping to spend no more than $15,000 before taxes - is this crazy?
What is an acceptable amount of miles for these years?
Are there specific issues I should look out for?
Is there anyone in Northern CA that specializes in TDIs, VWs or German autos that can source one for me?

Thanks for the help! Feel free to steer me in the right direction.
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