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Hey guys sorry bout my stupid question, I been having this problem with my car where after I got my car back from vw it has this problem where sometimes it don’t let me go past 80 and will come down slowly and not go back up. So last year I found out the emission issue and I had vw fix the emission problem and recall, after I got my car the car started giving me the dpf light then a few months after I started losing power like I mentioned and it would show the glow plug light after researching I found out I had extended warranty and that I am not the only one it happened to, eventually I took the car back and they replaced the turbo along with the “dpf that they are calling catalyst” now it’s been almost a year I haven’t driven much cuz I had oil leaks that I had to fix but I noticed after driving I still have the problem I took it to a shop and they checked everything on the car and are saying everything is good but they noticed the dpf was clogged up, now my car got like 215k but vw gave it back at 208000 so I don’t know, they were supposed to change the dpf and she is saying that they did change the “catalyst” and it says so on the paperwork too it says they changed the dpf! so I don’t know I’m trying to gather up info and evidence because vw is a pain to work with just last time they wanted me to pay the whole labor and parts I had to get vw cares involved anyways is it the same thing? Is there like a diagram where I can show this lady how dpf and catalyst are part of the picture but not the same? Cuz now I have to fight to get them to replace my dpf. Thank you sorry for long story!

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First posts normally go in introductions else you could get a free fix and we never see you again!!!

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