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Is 9w3 installation the same as JSW?

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Are there any electronic quirks to be cautious of or is it straight plug-play?
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Have you seen the pdf floating around? It's plug-play but you just have to change the coding with vag-com.
I tried to find that .pdf with little luck. I found a couple of bad links that didn't download for me. If anyone knows of a functioning link I'd love to get it.
Can this be Done in a 2010 wagon with SW2

Hi Chitty:

This was discussed months ago and I thought the SW2 could not be upgraded to SW3 in the TDI wagon as although the oart was available VW was not saying it was available for sale. I looked in to Kufatec with the Fiscon pro that puts a call log and display of the number on the screen but no voice command.
How much is this part? Will the install void the warranty? Can it be bought through the dealer and what features will this add to the sw2 bluetooth.
Can you shoot me a private e mail with this link again.


It has been done a few times with success. Supposedly any differences between the cars don't matter because it works. The 9w3 high voice command bluetooth can be installed and it's straight plug-play with a code change. The Kufatec fiscon also does these functions but it adds some extra MFD menus.

The 9w3 is about $400 on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/VW-R...d0QQitemZ220515701456QQptZCarQ5fAudioQ5fVideo but this part will only work on 2010s that have white MFD menus, not 2009 with the red MFD menu. I imagine that it will void the warranty on the electronics and bluetooth but since it's an OEM part I don't see what problems it could cause. It CAN be bought through the dealer but you should ask if they will give full dealer support if you have them install it. It's so easy that I don't see how they could mess it up.

The latest 9w3 part number is VW# 1Z0 035 729 D Software H35 / 0160 - April 2009.
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Cost of Part


Th e bay store link you posted is in Poland. If there is a problem they may be tough to deal with. Do you know any place in the USA. I called one dealer in Burlington NJ and the interface is $637 and the antenna is $35. I have a call in to Bud at Checkered flag in Va. and one place in Seattle. I have a guy that did my MDI for like $75 and he can do the install and use the dealer vagcom.
The Kufatech unit does not give voice command so I am still back to using my voice command on my phone. Finally the guy in Burlington said the part probably has to be ordered from Germany as nobody even has this.
Different Part Numbers

The part number in your post is different than the instructional link.
The link has it as 1Z0035729C which is different from above. Which one is it?
The trade off of buying the part from Poland is that you get the part cheaper as an imported gray market part. The actual part is the exact same as if you were to buy it here but support and shipping costs money. I can't recommend one way or another where you should spend your money.

After double checking the part numbers, here is a basic description:
For the 2009 and earlier Volkswagen (red MFD screen, also covers Tiguan and 2008 Passat):
1Z0 035 729 B (1Z0035729B)

For the 2010 and newer (and 2009 Passat, and all cars with white MFD screen)
1Z0 035 729 A (1Z0035729A), 1Z0 035 729 D (1Z0035729D), or 1Z0 035 729 C (1Z0035729C). The difference is production, A was for early white MFD cars until production date 5/25/2009, D is newer prod date 5/25/2009-6/22/2009, and C appears to be the newest for car prod date 6/22/2009-present. There is also 1Z0 035 729 e but my parts catalog doesn't go that new yet so I don't know more details on it.

The phone function should all work the same and there's probably some parts mixing on the assembly line anyways. The Ebay auction also includes the bluetooth antenna. 9w2 has an integrated antenna, 9w3 requires an external antenna, VW#8P0 035 503 . The link also says it includes a microphone. I'm not sure if it's needed because others haven't mentioned installing it and this may have been why the early guesses on retrofitting 9w3 were that it needed a new wire harness.
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Poland e bay company

On their site it says the kit includes the antenna and microphone and it is "C" but at the top they talk about it being "D". I thought the SW2 had a microphone. Does that still go under the seat? Where do I hang the antenna.
I called this guy in Poland and he is hard to understand. My nephew is an engineer and is always ripping his Subie apart and hacking into to the software and says its a piece of kake but my dealer install guy can access the vag com at the dealer so is the dealer the way to go?
Touch Screen Display

Will this kit allow the phone functions to show up on the touch screen even though its not a NAV?
Touch Screen display

One more question? Will this show up on the touch screen display?
The antenna plugs into the side of the module.

I haven't heard that other people needed to install the microphone, I assume that if you already have bluetooth it's plug-play. If you don't have bluetooth you'll probably need to install it somewhere like the sun visor.

I see it being written as sw2, it's actually 9w2 vs. 9w3 vs. Volk-L.

The menu will show up in the MFD and you can control it with the MFSW (steering wheel buttons). I'm not 100% sure on this but I believe it does not show up in the touch screen display of the RCD radio but it does show up in the RNS navigation touch screen display.

I don't know your situation and ability, but at least for me, I would buy from the guy in Poland. The part works and you get it for significantly less than the dealer. Don't tell the dealer and I doubt they would even know. It in no way affects the engine/transmission/suspension/brakes warranty and it's a genuine VW part (shouldn't matter since the fiscon is a tried and true unit). The only advantage of buying from the dealer is any possible dealer coverage on the bluetooth which is not likely to fail. You will need a VCDS to recode the module, the dealer can do this as well. Some modules come coded correctly.
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Would the RCD fit into an earlier mk5? It's also 6 cd changer too right?
Would the RCD fit into an earlier mk5? It's also 6 cd changer too right?
I think so. Yes.
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