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Is 2010/2011 The Highpoint of the TDI in the US?

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I've been reading a lot about the direction of the new Jetta - losing the independent rear, losing the electronic assisted steering, losing the (gulp) rear disk brakes. If I want a future TDI as nice as the 2010 I have currently (and love), then will I have to buy a GLI or will the Golf still be offered in the US as a European transplant with the Euro design and spared the knife? In short, is 2010/2011 the highpoint for the Golf TDI in the US?
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I'm with the OP on this - I don't consider more size and luxury to be more desirable. The Golf TDI as equipped here in the US is close to perfect - for me. Probably not for everyone, though.

As for where we go from here in the TDI world - frankly, I don't much care for a while. I typically keep my cars a minimum of 8 years. I expect that much will have changed between now and then, so I'll wait to worry about that then.
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