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Is 2010/2011 The Highpoint of the TDI in the US?

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I've been reading a lot about the direction of the new Jetta - losing the independent rear, losing the electronic assisted steering, losing the (gulp) rear disk brakes. If I want a future TDI as nice as the 2010 I have currently (and love), then will I have to buy a GLI or will the Golf still be offered in the US as a European transplant with the Euro design and spared the knife? In short, is 2010/2011 the highpoint for the Golf TDI in the US?
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The high point of the current TDI? I'd say the the 2010 Audi Q7 is. The 2011 Touareg goes up a lot in luxury and I'd say it's close the 2011 Q7. The point is that there'll always be another model to choose from, albeit with limited availability. I predict an Audi A4 TDI confirmation to join the Audi A3 TDI and Audi Q7 TDI sometime in 2011 - 2012 for model year 2012-13. With a late introduction of course. I don't know what's taking them so long!

Also, the Jetta TDI does not lose the rear disk brakes for 2011. The TDI and GLI still use rear disk brakes.

My best guess is that the Golf will continue to be made in Europe due to the lower sales volume in the US but higher sales in Europe.

The Jetta will continue to be made in Mexico because it sells very well in North America but not well elsewhere. For the same reason, it has to be competitive with similar class cars and will be designed specifically for North America.
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I like your question. The subject is a little too general.
(Is 2010/2011 The Highpoint of the TDI in the US?)

But I do have an opinion on what a buyer gets when they spend around $25,000 for a Golf Mk6 TDI.
What they get is one really really nice diesel car.

If in the future, if VW tries cutting manufacturing costs of the TDI Golf, the end product will suffer. Not by leaps and bounds because they will be very careful what they cut.
So, in my humble opinion, I think for the price of admission, the Mk6 Golf TDI is on a highpoint. :D
With respect Chitty, a Q7 as a fall-back for a Golf? $51K and a 118 inch wheelbase? Hardly a hot hatch. I guess there is the overpriced and heavier A3 and perhaps - as you suggest - the A4 TDI to expect at some point.

Interesting that you note that the Jetta TDI (like the GLI) keeps the rear disks. May I assume that the steering and rear suspension are none the less being lessened along with the S,SE,SEL?

I think they should keep the Golf TDI Euro spec. the initial intent was to differentiate this as a sport model (lower, leather touch wheel and shifter, fog lights, 17" wheels). People are not buying the current Golf TDI primarily on price, but as an enthusiast car.
I'm with the OP on this - I don't consider more size and luxury to be more desirable. The Golf TDI as equipped here in the US is close to perfect - for me. Probably not for everyone, though.

As for where we go from here in the TDI world - frankly, I don't much care for a while. I typically keep my cars a minimum of 8 years. I expect that much will have changed between now and then, so I'll wait to worry about that then.
...I don't consider more size and luxury to be more desirable. The Golf TDI as equipped here in the US is close to perfect - for me. ...
+1 :thumbsup
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