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Hey I'm new to the forums and to TDIs and got a few questions hopefully someone can answer.

First I have VAGCOM and adjusted my IQ value for a little more power and smoke. Well, its suppose to be 32768, but mine was set at 32686. Am I to assume someone turned it down at some point to get better mileage out of it? I adjusted it to 32784, thats the upper limit without hammer mod. Its nice to have a little more power now.. How far is the range of adjustment? Whats the normal range someone could adjust to?

Second, when at WOT on the highway my boost fluctuates. I expect it to spike a little because I have straight pipe from the cat back but, it goes from 10-17psi up and down repeatedly. Is that some thing I will have to live with or do I have a problem. I've replaced the internal vac line in the ecu, and the line that feeds the ecu and also replaced the air box with a air filter on the end of the MAF (solidly supported), and have a N75 on the way(thought it was my limp mode issue, turned out to be internal ecu line).

Last questions for now is, is there any specific recommended place to get a chip and nozzle upgrade?
I've seen a place on egay called inmotion tuning that does cals/nozzles that I've been looking at but, usually ebay isn't the best place to to get a *tune*. I've heard some bad things and some good things about KERMATDI.. Whats a good place? I'm looking for increased power without a huge drop in mileage. I commute to work everyday so mileage is important but it would be nice to be able to pass people at will and not get a running start up the on ramps...

Thanks in advance!!!


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The normal software range is variable according to the mechanical adjustment range. Sometimes it's adjusted so that you hit the limit of software adjustment earlier vs. another car.

You can't go wrong with kermatdi but since the 1997 TDI has been out for a while I don't think there have been any major innovations lately unless you're looking for a custom tune. Even still, the tunes are a little different in character but I can't say how because it's pretty subjective and I've only driven an old wetterauer tune.
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