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iPhone/Voice command volume questions

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When I get a call in my 2010 tdi Jetta, the system's ringer as well as the voice prompt is blaring loud. Is there a way to turn this down? Once I accept the call the call volume is fine. New here so this is my first post...
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IIRC, there is a way to adjust the various volumes. Maybe someone else with a 2010 and 9w3 can chime in on how to adjust it.
Same problem. 315 nav/bluetooth unit.

Seems the voice command and telephone volume do not match up. If I have the volume set up high enough to hear the phone the voice prompts are WAY TOO LOUD. If I set the voice prompt to a comfortable level, I can't hear the other end of the phone.

The manuals are pretty lame at explaining many of the features and controls, often with incomplete sentences and typos. Ccbb does a way better job here, but it is simply impossible to cover everything.

Anybody else have this problem? iPhone 3GS.
LG Chocolate Touch here and connected through stock 9W2 module with stock RCD510 (no Nav) and I had the same "feature" until I adjusted the setting in my phone to not read out loud any of it's voice command prompts or verbally confirm my choices. Its not the best situation because I have to look at the telephone screen to see if it is about to call the right person or do what I asked it to do.
More annoying issues. Plugging the phone in interrupts whatever you are listening to (radio, card, etc) and starts iPod at the very beginning recording on your phones music list. Any way to change THAT annoying default?
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