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It is very similar to this:


the above link is a pump removal on a mk3 TDI. The difference is that you do not remove or touch the middle nut that holds the pump hub since there's no way to index the hub to the pump.

Just remove the timing belt and fuel hard lines. There are 3 bolts in front and 1 in the rear and the electrical plug, the pump should come right out.

Yes but the bracket is not the same. The bolts are all in the front and thread into the mount plus the rear bolt.

You can reuse the sprocket but don't loosen the main hub bolt, there's no key on the shaft!

Unless you just put a new timing belt on, I would just put on a new kit. But it is possible to remove the pump without removing the motor mount but you still have to lock the crank and camshaft. In other words, slip off the timing belt so uo can remove the pump but don't remove it completely.
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