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introduction/Bentley manual Q

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Hello Myturbodiesel.com,
My name is Jeff Hodge. I'm a firefighter/medic in Columbus OH. I bought(yesterday) an 06 Golf GLS TDI. My first diesel. Manual, 55000 miles, loaded. Was an absolute blast to drive home with it(found it in ILL). I've been reading and learning about these cars from this forum for about a year now. Decided it was time to join the fun. Thanks for the opportunity to join.
MY question is about the Bentley manual. I can't seem to find a Bentley for my specific year. I did find several available for 99-2005. They then seem to skip a couple of years and pick up at the common rail. I'm sure you are all familiar with these manuals, and you know that the 99-2005 does cover the "duse". But will it cover my 2006. Just want to make sure I have a good manual for this vehicle. They aren't exactly giving these manuals away either. Don't want to spend $70 on something useless.
Appreciate your help and time...................Jeff
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Ah, OK, the mk4 99-2005 Jetta-Golf manual does cover the PD engines. I never noticed that it didn't say 2006, probably because the 2006 Jetta was a mk5. But it does :D

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