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Hi all,

I've got a 2006 Jetta DSG that I picked up right off the auto transporter from Mexico back in December of 2005. I've been using this site and Fred's TDI site to help with repairs and diagnosis since I hit about 70K and decided I was done with dealerships.

I am at 118,000+ miles, and gaining about 800+ a week with a long commute to and from work in Portland, Oregon.

Oil and filter changes have been pretty easy.

DSG fluid and filter was kind of interesting. Anyone else break off the air duct from the front grill? I've had to replace it twice now.

Timing belt was pretty easy until I had everything on and pulled the crank through a full rotation and couldn't get everything line up again, but with crossed fingers it started fine.

The real trouble started with a loud rattling from the transmission. Had Tri-County Transmission tear into it and one of the bearings had failed within the transmission. Had them replace the flywheel clutch at the same time. Running again like a champ and still getting 42+ mpg.

Next up is the rear brakes and rotors.

During the summer I try to run B100 from SeQuential biofuels, but switch back to ULSD for the winter.

Thanks for all the detailed posts, DIYs and stories.

forester_vw :)

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Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies

Volkswagen Jetta (05-) 1,9D TDI PD 2005-09

Brake disc dimensions
Minimum disc thickness - ventilated Front: 22 mm
Minimum disc thickness Rear: 10 mm

Minimum pad thickness Front: 2 mm
Minimum pad thickness Rear: 2 mm
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