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My son was following a porta-potty delivery truck and the driver of the truck went past his destination and decided to back up without looking and backed into the 98 Jetta. The truck driver admitted his error and was issued a written warning for unsafe backing by the police. We got a copy of the police report and 2 estimates, one for 2K one for 3K, (that whole auto body industry is a mystery to me). I contact the poop company and they have me fax all of the paperwork to them. I call a few days later and they tell me that their driver is saying that he was rear-ended. I call their insurance company with the claim number and they ask me to fax the paperwork and they will do an investigation. One thing that they suggest is that I have my insurance handle the claim and they will subjugate(sp?) against them for the charges. I have heard that this is not a good idea as even though their is no fault with my son he will have a mark on his record. If I do this I have no idea how the deductable is handled, plus how do you get a rental car for a 19 year old? Looking for some direction on how to move forward on this from anyone who has experience this, or maybe is in the industry, I get the feeling its going to get difficult. Thanks in advance. Mike

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Dont know but they are trying to get out of it by flat out lying. Send their insurance company the unsafe backing report. They will try to short you. Threaten legal action. If you go through your company you have to pay the deductible and as you said, a 19 year old can't get a rental. Your insurance agent is the best one to ask though.

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My two cents: my two cents

I have had a long business relationship with an actual insurance agent.
That said, I would let the insurance company and agent you have been paying premiums to, do the “fightingâ€￾.
Here is how that can work for you:
Give your insurance company or agent all the information they need for their investigation. (Police report, etc…)
Then, I would pay the deductible.
Get the car repaired with money from your own insurance company.
This gets the repairs started in a timely fashion. (Less rental car time)
At this point your insurance company will do what it takes to recover the money they paid for your repairs.
They will go after the Poop Co. or their insurance company.
This recovery of money will include your deductible, since the accident was not your fault.
It may take awhile for you to recover your deductible and your insurance company to recover the cost of repairs, but your insurance company has all the lawyers and know-how this situation needs.
If the Poop Co or their insurance company contacts you directly, direct them to your agent.
Do not talk to them anymore they had their chance.

This has worked for me personally. After a “not-my-faultâ€￾ accident, I had to wait 9 months to recover my deductible from one of those Internet based, cheap insurance companies that did not want to pay in a timely fashion. (My truck was back on the road 7 days after the accident, using my insurance company’s money)
I personally did not do any of the “fightingâ€￾
My insurance company did.
In fact it is a nice service you insurance company offers. Customer support. :D

So, let your big dogs fight the Poop Co.

[FONT=&quot]Best wishes:D[/FONT]
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