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Installed DIESELGEEK Shifter!

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First of all, thank you [email protected] for the shifter. Ben is great to work with and all future purchases for this car will be from him. The install was very straightforward and the instructions on Dieselgeek's website make the install a breeze. I absolutely love the feel and action of the shifter and I highly recommend anyone even close to the fence to jump on this and buy one from Ben.
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Minor issues that I ran into.

1) The pin to lock the shifter in home position was VERY tight. I didn't have to grind it down but I did spend a fair amount of time wrestling the pin in and out.

2) From DG's install instructions: "8. For the shifter to function correctly there must be two round white plastic bushings in the aluminum pivot hole on the transmission. Slide one of the round white plastic bushing onto the silver side to side bracket largest pivot pin. Slide this longer pivot shaft through the hole on the transmission meant for it."

This was an issue. I could not get the pin through the hole. There just physically not enough clearance to get it in. Luckily the pin is bolted to the DG bracket so I just took the nut off the end of the pin, put the bracket in place, and slid the pin in from the other side and bolted it to the bracket. Easy fix.

3) The plunger to lock the transmisison in the home position was actually the L-shaped pin found on earlier cars. Wierd.

4) It really was a pain getting the stock piece off the splined selector shaft!

I had no issues with adjustment, got everything right on the first try.
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