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installation of timing belt on 05 tdi 1.9 BRM

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any tips on getting the new timing belt installed? seems very tight and difficult to install.
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The manual says to do it one way. I suggest removing the 3x 13mm camshaft bolts so that you get much more play.

See the timing belt installation article in the how -to FAQ section. Also, post moved to mk5 technical forum.
I noticed when doing my timing belt the camshaft sproket bolts were not in the centre of the oval holes. The bolts are quite near the end of the ovals but not quite. It has not to my knowledge been off before i replaced it. I just put it back how it was.

Why do the bolts need to be i the centre of the oval holes (or that hole in the toothed inspection window thing) need to be in the middle.

Will it matter ??? Car runs great.


The bolts are best positioned in the middle of the oval holes because it means they have room to move one way or the other. If they're at the end and you need some adjustment range the belt would have to come off so you could move the sprocket over. The toothed window is the same thing. It's just a mark to help you figure out how camshaft timing is. Check camshaft torsion value in engine measuring blocks with VCDS and you can confirm camshaft timing.
My bolt are near the ends of the ovals...lol.

I did check the torsion and its -0.5....it was at -1.0. So i'm happy with that since I have no rough idle and like i said runs great like it did b4.

I used your guide it was great thx. The torsion is fine but one thing i did notice was measuring block 13 is a little strange the injection quantity.

cyl1 0.6mg.........cyl2 0.0mg...........cyl3 -0.5mg..........cyl4 0.0mg (warm engine)

thx for ur reply
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