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Info on RNS & 9w7 needed

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I want to convert my premium 8 stereo to rns510 with 9w7 bluetooth (i don't have BT now). I am interested in finding out what people have paid for their units. My stealership has quoted me $2200 for the RNS & $650 for the BT. I am interested in finding out the cost including shipping & duty (I live in Toronto).

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LOL @ dealership price.

These guys are a forum sponsor: http://www.mfd3.com/store/accessories/rns-510/oem-9w7-bluetooth-module-7p6-035-730c/ and their price is $350 for the bluetooth and $1750 for the GPS. I've seen lower prices for the GPS on the vortex but IIRC you have to prepay and wait before they order it.
All the wiring for the GPS is plug-play. You only have to stuff a GPS antenna under the dashboard for the GPS. You can buy retrofit harnesses for the bluetooth. With the 9w7 bluetooth, it will display phone info on the GPS display and instrument cluster like OEM.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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