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Induction pipe collapse mk5 1.9tdi 105ps

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I have an issue with my intake hose collapsing flat when revving. It is creating quite a vacuum. I have been told the turbo is U/S but I struggle to believe that a seized turbo could block the air intake. Anyone help???: (
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If you had a seized turbo then your car would feel like it has 20 horsepower. Further, a seized turbo normally belches oil, making a lot of exhaust smoke.

The hose is probably defective. Replace it.
Definitely not a seized turbo. The car would run like a dog and would not sound happy. A TDI should normally have almost no vacuum in the intake. Which hose? Do you have a picture? Is this the hose from the air box to the turbo or the manifold-intercooler piping? Hard plastic hose, accordian like plastic hose, or rubber hose? Is it an aftermarket hose?

Whatever it is it's not a common problem but if you post pics and list all the symptoms (does it otherwise run OK, any smoke, any change in mileage, or it doesn't run at all because of the hose) then it'll be easier to figure it out.
Maybe the EGR valve is shut closed? It's a rotary valve and if it's closed then it'll block off the air.
I'll get some pics posted later today if I can. It's the large (about 4")rubber hose that is above and to the right of the timing cover and looks like its going to the throttle body.

I'm having problems uploading a picture can I email it to you.
It's definitely not the EGR valve if that elbow is collapsing. Maybe there's something at the air filter that's blocking the intake?

Read this post to see how to post pictures:


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Thanks, read that link above and it has the information on how to post pictures. If you want people to contact you by email , the best way is to tell people to change your profile (User CP menu near the top of the screen) so that the option for "let others contact me by email" is checked. This defeats the spam bots. If you post your email address on any public space, it'll get picked up by spammers and you'll get lots of spam so I deleted your email address from your post.

No clue why that hose would collapse. There have been a lot of complaints that the elbow hose falls off or pops off, I can only guess that the hose is damaged. Inspect the hose yourself or post a picture. Also check the intake tract for blockage or twisted hoses. You can remove the intake piping to the turbo if you get under the car and see if the turbo is seized. I doubt it since you would feel almost no power when driving.
I only see a red X.

The problem is that you are trying to link to a picture that is on your computer. You have 2 options: upload a picture from your computer to this site or upload a picture to another host and link to it. You cannot link to a picture that is on your computer since only you can see it.

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The large hose in the centre of the pic is the one that is flattening. If I take it off the trottle body end the engine will run but if not the engine starves of air and stalls. this is a 2006 mk5 1.9tdi Golf.


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The car is not usable at the moment as the hose keeps collapsing. I am firmly of the opinion that there must be a blockage either in the turbo or the boost hoses in or out of the intercooler. I am sure that even if the turbo was seized the air would still be able to get to the intake.
No idea what's causing the problem so lets' rule out what it isn't.

The hose isn't defective because there's no reason why there should be vacuum.

The EGR valve is downstream of this so if it was causing the problem then it shouldn't effect that hose.

At least the engine is working well if it's pulling that much vacuum.

Maybe a mouse chewed through the air filter and blocked the intake? No clue here. Start taking things apart and inspecting for blockage.
I can't believe that hose is flattening since it's so big. No wonder the engine is stalling.
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