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Sorry to be harsh, but false, and wrong...unless you are in Canada or a very special case, or don't want it to be street legal. Your friend must be thinking about Canada, you can import a car older than 15 there. You may have heard that military guys can import a car cheaply, you know a guy, etc., don't do it for your own sake. It's virtually impossible to import a car that wasn't sold and certified in the US AND have it be street legal for an average person in all states.

They easiest way is to import components and then assemble them separately as a kit car. Then you can register it as a kit car. Other than that, there is no legal way to import a car that wasn't sold and certified in the US unless you do independant crash testing, emissions, add compliance stickers, etc. In some states, if you are caught with a grey market car, you get to pay to have it crushed.

The only other way is to have special tags as a show car that is not driven over x miles/year, or a manufacturer, diplomat, etc.
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