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Immobilizer issues

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I have a 2002 Jetta TDI that should be lemon colored. Battery conked out about the same time as the Metrodome collapsed. First time I've encountered the dreaded immobilizer. The fact that I have a 2002 seems to mean that I have no access to the SCK, even though I have a vagcom and could fix it. I gave this car to my daughter and now I am feeling sorry about it. I can't believe VW implemented this cruel joke.

I've been a member of Fred's TDI page for a while, but wasn't aware of this one.
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Lol.,....nice way of putting it.

Do you have access to the car? If so, get vag tacho off ebay and retrieve the SKC number. Then you can use it with vag com (VCDS) to program the new key.

Also, the first step would be to scan the car and figure out what code is causing the immobilizer to light up. Sometimes it just gets triggered randomly so leaving the car on for a half hour or even overnight resets it just as randomly.

welcometomyturbodies You'll find a different feeling in the forums and updated and correct info in the FAQ section.
Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies

I had a similar problem to that http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/f4/passat-immobilizer-4472/#post20396 ;)
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