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immobilizer cable broken

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Hi everyone I just get my two little immobilizer cable broken near the starter

How can I repair it

Do they need to stay the same longer dur to their function

Thanks in advance
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There is no immobilizer cable by the starter. The starter is a very simple device - it just requires the battery cables and the wires for the solenoid, the small piece on the starter. I think that is what you are referring to. The small wires can be repaired and they will work fine.
someone tried to break into my 99 beetle.pulled the handle off and door lock out of door.was able to crawl thru trunk to open door.Tried to start car but will barely run for a second or two then shut off.whats the cheapest way to get it running?
Is the immobilizer light on or not? They might have damaged the ignition cylinder if they tried to break it. Details?
They didn't get in the car.The door handle was broke and the lock was missing out of the door. The car will barely run for a couple of seconds and then shut off.The battery was also dead I guess from the alarm going off.
So is the immobilizer light on or off when the car shuts off? If it's not on then it's not the immobilizer causing this problem.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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