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immo trouble on 2000 golf

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Hello all, I own a 2000 golf that has an erratic immobilizer problem. After every 30 starts or so, the immobilizer symbol on the Dash flashes and the car stalls after I started it. Mostly I just take out the key, reinsert it and all works fine. But sometimes it takes over ten times for the immobilizer to accept the key and I have the feeling, that the problem worsens. I tried my spare key, but that doesn't make a difference. I changed the battery to make sure, the voltage is right, but this also didn't help. Reading out the error bank with VAG-COM yields no problems. So now I am thinking of changing out the coil as the next step. Anybody know how to do that or a better idea to tackle this problem. I wouldn't mind disabling the immo altogether, scince I don't think anyone wants to steal my old junker.

I live in the Netherlands in the vicinity of Uden

Thx for the help, Mark.
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Thx for the reply, I am in awe of the knowledge circling this forum. However, as I look around, I get the feeling this immobilizer thing immobilizes more car owners then it does car thieves. I'll check with VCDS what my immobilizer does, although I would expect a fault code if something in the immobilizer is faulty. I would find it quite usefull, if all intervented engine starts by the immobilizer would show up as faults. Now there is no way of tracking these types of failures.

I'll also check if I am lucky enough to have an immo2. In that case I have the luxury of the emergency immobilzer bypass that will guarentee me not getting stranded as result of a failing immobilizer. The only thing is that I will need to retreive my SKC as somewhere in the line of previous owners it got lost, but that can be arranged with the nifty trick I found somewhere else on this forum.

To change the various parts, that are a factor in the immobilizer looks like a real pain to me and ample opportunity to get stuck. If it's the coil, I'll have to replace the cylinder as well, as it is an integral part of the coil. This would mean, I'll need a different key for the ignition, or is the cylinder addabtable to my old key?

So if I am not lucky enough to have immo2 I'll start looking for some tuning shop that can disable the unit altogether.

I'll let you know how this progresses.

Greetz, Mark.
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I was able get my hands on VAG Commander 1.4 and tried to retreive the SKC. Unfortunately the example given for SKC retrieval in this forum is for a CAN bus, where I have a K-line and for some reason that doesn't seem to go in the same way. Anyone have an idea how to retreive SKC over a K-line?
ah crap, I bought the wrong tool. I'll see if I can get my hands on a VAG tacho...
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