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immo trouble on 2000 golf

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Hello all, I own a 2000 golf that has an erratic immobilizer problem. After every 30 starts or so, the immobilizer symbol on the Dash flashes and the car stalls after I started it. Mostly I just take out the key, reinsert it and all works fine. But sometimes it takes over ten times for the immobilizer to accept the key and I have the feeling, that the problem worsens. I tried my spare key, but that doesn't make a difference. I changed the battery to make sure, the voltage is right, but this also didn't help. Reading out the error bank with VAG-COM yields no problems. So now I am thinking of changing out the coil as the next step. Anybody know how to do that or a better idea to tackle this problem. I wouldn't mind disabling the immo altogether, scince I don't think anyone wants to steal my old junker.

I live in the Netherlands in the vicinity of Uden

Thx for the help, Mark.
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Hope the thread mentioned above has the answers to what I need.
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