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Hi I am a mk5 golf 1.9 TDI, I purchased a brand new hi line cluster (2008) for my car from a uk company that buys aged stock of motor dealers. However have not been able to program or adapt the immo, it appears the immo has not been flashed, however as its new i thought it would take the PIN from the engine ecu and allow login and adaptation.

Reading the eeprom just gives all 0000 in the fields, and i am unable to flash with my existing Immo data. Any ideas on how to login to adapt the Immo or how to flash the eeprom?

My VW garage have refused to assist me as "we can't guarentee we can get it working, rubbish, i said how about you try and i will pay you, if it doesn't work we put the original low line cluster back in"

Immobilizer status shows as 4, which i belive means it has not been adapted.

There were various 7 digit numbers on the VW box and slips as below, however none of these and the dates would compute to a 4 digit pin,

Kunder Nr 210201
Charge: 06/02/2008

Kundenauftrag / POS
57846 000280
Bereitsteilende 13.02.2008

Address 25: Immobilizer
Control Module Part Number: 1K0 920 974 BX
Component and/or Version: IMMO VDD 1216
Software Coding:
Work Shop Code: WSC 00000
VCID: 850A0D90F37BB034

Advanced Identification
Serial number: VWY7Z0H13N497M
Identification: VDD-024
Revision: V0002000
Date: 04.02.08
Manufacturer number: 1938
Test stand number: 7702
Flash Status
Programming Attempts: 0
Successful Attempts: 0
Programming Status: 00000000
Required Conditions: 00000000
Flash Tool Code: 00000 000 00000
Flash Date: --.--.--
Hardware number: 1K0 920 974 BX
Lot Number: 000
Type Lock: 0000
Car Info
VCDS Info:
Labels: 1K0-920-XXX-25.LBL
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