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Hi- what I want is a TDI but what I got is a "fixer upper" 2000 2.0 gas Beetle. I just got it to see if I could live with a Beetle before I buy a TDI version. My other car is a '83 Volvo 240 wagon I stuffed a B24T in so it could actually make it up hills! But I digress.

I enjoy driving the Beetle but it has issues. One of which is it came with only the valet key. I'm now getting a crash course on Immo after buying a used flip key with an uncut blank. I managed to get the remote to work on the doors and thought since the car was manufactured in '99 I wouldn't have to worry about chip programming -but I thought wrong.

I would prefer to disable the Immo but I don't want to send the ECU out. I don't think anyone is hankering to steal my ratty 13 year old Beetle. I'm trying to keep it cheap but I have tinkeritus and I'm thinking about buying the Vagtacho laptop setup to home brew some sweet key chip programming (I enjoy futzing with "techy" things). I don't have the SKC, there was no tag on the valet key. Is the SKC stamped in some super secret spot on a 2000 NB? I thought I read somewhere it might be on a lock cylinder???

Thanks in advance- great forum!
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