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Imminent new owner

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Hope to pick up my new platinum grey Golf TDI Wagon with the highline package. Any suggestions on a bike rake that uses a hitch? My wife owns one of those heavy Dutch bikes that I don't plan on lifting and lowering off of a roof rack.
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Thanks. Although costly, the "Westfalia portilo folding cycle carrier" looks like the way to go for convenience. Too bad they don't have a distributor in Canada. Shipping costs put it beyond my budget.
Purchasing advise

I have two questions about my purchase of a 2011 Golf Wagon TDI Highline model. a) is the navigation system worth the cost, or should I go with an aftermarket GPS? and b) I read somewhere that you can request the Gofl GTI seats instead of the Golf seats, is that true? I sat in GTI and the seats were great. a:dunno
Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies

Well VW do a bike rack well the actually do 2 of them. One that hangs from the roof bars which looks terrible and one that fits the tow bar.

Roof mount.
Bike lift max weight 20Kg - 4D0 071 128 D - £257.50
Bicycle bracket - 6Q0 071 128 - £90

Bike carrier to tow hitch (ball head) for 2 bikes - 3C0 071 105 A - £387.50

and Bike carrier to tow hitch (ball head) for 2 bikes - 1T2 071 105 - £375.50

They also attach a set of tail lights to them. ;)

Edit: I've just seen a picture Accessories for the Golf Plus. Though the roof one is different again.
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