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From the same thread, this is totally true for any car. $30k is just as much to someone as $130k is to another. The problem is that those brand geeks cost more. Good workers cost money!
I think the key to both selling these vehicles and providing an outstanding customer experience is this:

Don't hire these idiot middle management, former insuranace salesmen types. I don't want to buy a $40K+ car from a guy who was recently the district manager for Chic-Fil-A. Instead hire brand geeks - you know those people who can name every Audi VIN since the good ol'Auto Union days or the kinda of person who as a child painted their bedroom Arena Red.

These cars sell themselves really - The majority of us know what we want and why we must have it. We only need these people for the paper really. So if you own a Porsche or Audi dealership, why hire salestrash who are totally rude and inept? I want a salesmen who understands not only my desires and needs but also the culture and demographic of those buying Audis and Porsches.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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