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If you are a car saleman or planning to be please read this

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Before you grab the pitchfork, it's from http://forums.audiworld.com/showthread.php?t=2772580 Some truth here.

Ok, you decided to take a sales job that has a huge turnover, crappy hours, dealing with bargain hunters trying to save $25 a month on a lease, have to deal with sales manager that are as slimy as they come…but YOU decided to become a used/new car salesperson so deal with the pros and cons. Having said this, please do yourself and us (buyers) a favor; learn each and every model you sell; know about all the features, memorize them, know how they work (nav, Bluetooth, park assist etc). You have plenty of downtime so you have no excuse to allow us: Dentist; Doctors, Financial advisors, accountants, plumbers, architects, etc etc to know more about the cars than you do. I know that your sales managers just want you as body count, but stand out by knowing every single detail of your cars (heck, your inventory is limited A8; A6; A4; 550i; 535; 335 etc) and some of those share many common things. You will be surprise how much this will set you apart from other sales idiots at your dealership. Even if you hate your job, do the best you can until you find something else. At the end of the day you want to make sure that you make a decent living until something better comes along. I hated my first back office job to death, but I became a “GOD’ and expert of knowledge in my office. I got promotions that other dinosaurs that refused to learn never got working there for centuries. I now work in Financial sales for over 15 years and I will not even dare to send a new guy out in the field until they know every single detail of what we sell our clients. I know that is a different industry, but the concept is the same. KNOW WHAT YOU SELL, KNOW WHAT YOU SELL, KNOW WHAT YOU SELL.

And if you indicate that you are the “internet sales specialist†guess what! if I requested a quote via the internet….then SEND ME THE FREAKING QUOTE IN THE INTERENET VIA EMAIL. If I want to do business via email, that means that I don’t want to see your face until we agree on the price and I go to the dealer. That’s what your “internet dept†is for. Email me a detailed quote indicating MSRP, Cap cost, detailed fees. Not just a “for the car that you want the monthly pmt will be $xxxx.xxâ€. Again, email me how you arrived at this quote. Remember that you are the “internet specialistâ€

I am venting, because being in the market for an Audi or a BMW, I recently have come across (I will not mention the dealerships as they must also have competent sales advisors-I just have not come across a good one) some of you that should have never chosen a sales job.
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