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Idea for power outlet on/off with ignition

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Love my A3 TDI so far.... one issue I have though, is that the passenger area power outlet being constantly on. This is an issue because I power my MP3 player from the power outlet. The player has a "car mode" where it automatically pause the playback when the power supply is off, then with inactivity, automatically shuts itself off in a minute or two. With this constant-on power outlet, the "car mode" becomes ineffective, and I'd have to remember to switch off the player every time I stop the car, not to mention it would be a constant drain on the car's battery.

I noticed that the hatch area power outlet switches on and off with the ignition. Further, the power outlets of these two areas are on separate fuses of the same current rating. So, the idea is to swap the connection at the fuse box so that the passenger area power outlet would be on/off with ignition, while the hatch area outlet would be constantly on.

The task then becomes figuring out how to get at the fuse box wiring in the driver side dash and swap the connection. Any comments, suggestions, criticisms or help would be appreciated.
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Lots of pics for a writeup would qualify for the bi monthly contest. I don't have a clue on how to redo the fuse box though sorry.

VW Audi cars sometimes have minor differences in the wiring over the years in the same generation. If you find a wiring diagram for an A3 online, test the wiring to verify it before doing anything and you should be fine.
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