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I can't seem to get to the headlight bulb

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I can see the cover but it's held in place, is there some trick to removing it? Do you have to remove the whole headlight or something?

Also, is there any way to make my headlights brighter?
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No trick, you just have to look around some more. Here are some tips:


At the top of each subforum is a list of how tos specific to your car. The easiest way to make your headlights brighter is to buy OEM HID lights from a euro vw. Don't get aftermarket kits because the bulb patterns are wrong and will cause a lot of glare.

You can also try polishing the headlight lens and replacing the bulb. Bulbs wear out over time and lose a little brightness over their lifespan.
I did, but the link was 404. The link you posted works, and it looks like the links at the top works now too. Thanks!
You can buy VW HID housings from a few vendors, they will make your headlighs the same as other modern HID lights. They are a bit expensive, but don't get aftermarket conversion kits because they look like crap. The stock housing was made for a halogen bulb and if you mess with the bulb, the reflector aiming, etc., will get all messed up.
Yes, the forum gremlin strikes again! The link somehow had something inserted into the url, it has since been fixed.
Done, thanks again.

For some reason, it looked a lot harder than it really was, I just needed to see a pic and it was obvious!
Not if you have a new beetle, you have to pop out the headlight housing!

There is a lever under the hood and the entire headlight comes out.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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