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I came from TDIClub, and I'm here to help

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Hey guys, Just found this forum.
I am from Columbus, OH and am also known as Growler on TDIClub.

I have a few years of TDI service experience under my belt and am willing to help whenever I can.

I own a 2003 jetta wagon TDI with lots of fun things done to it. RC3, Wavetrac, 3.16, 3" turboback,
The kitty ran away with the ASV and the Dieselgeek Racepipe turned Green with envy.

look forward to spending more time on this site and lending a hand with some how-tos.

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Welcome! Thanks to the sponsor kermatdi, there's also a contest for detailed step by steps DIY with clear pictures, with the prize as a e-gift certificate to kermatdi. Glad to see you here too!
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