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How to upload and post pictures, videos, or attach files

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Rules on video and pictures:

Pictures and videos should relate to the post being discussed and should be safe for the workplace. Anything that is borderline is only allowed in the off ramp/off topic forum and you must mark it not safe for work (NSFW language/ NWS language) or it will be deleted. No porn/almost porn.

Resize/crop pictures so they will fit on other people's screens and don't take forever to download. The suggested maximum size is 12" wide x 8" tall or 1500x1000 pixels since this is more than enough to see detail. If you do not have picture resizing software, it is available for free at microsoft's power toys image resizer (windows XP only). Free photo resizing software is available from many other places like download.com. Excessively large pictures will be deleted. For example, an 8 megapixel picture file is poster size and is so large it's unviewable.

How to post pictures/video/files

To post a youtube or similar video:
1. Copy and paste the URL (internet address) of the video into your post. It will automatically show up as a clickable video. If the video site is not compatible with the forum software it will show up as a link. If you want to request a new compatibility, make a post in the site suggestions section.

Picture size and filesize limitations:
The filesize limitation per picture is 1 megabyte. Please resize pictures to around 100-250 kb since this is more than enough to show detail. The size limitation is 5000x4500 pixels which is already poster sized and far larger than any computer screen. This is to prevent the database from growing to ridiculous sizes, thank you.

To post a picture:
1. Host your picture somewhere online. You cannot copy/paste anything in your post that begins with "C:/" like "C:/pictures/picturetitle.jpg" because that is a location on your computer. No one else can see what is on your computer - they can only see what is online so you have to put the picture online somewhere.

Free photohosting sites include photobucket.com, flicker.com, photodump.com, myspace, or any other photo hosting site. If you link from facebook, make sure to set privacy on the picture so everyone can see it.

2. Know your image's online location. When looking at the image onscreen, right click on it with your mouse. If you are using internet explorer, go to properties at the bottom of the right click menu, and you will see the Address (URL). Copy and paste that into the popup box requesting your image location. If using firefox, use "copy image location" on the right click menu. The menu changes depending on what you're right clicking on so make sure to right click on the image.

3. Copy/paste the online picture location to your message by typing this
. I have to make the example a picture itself or it would show up as an error. The location of your picture online must always be http://www."website name andpicture location".

You can also click this icon in the reply box.

This box will pop up. Put your picture location in the box and click "Insert".

To attach a file or upload directly from your computer to a post
You can also attach a picture or file directly to your post from your computer.

Make your internet browser window partial screen so you can see the reply box and the picture location on your computer. Then click and drag the picture from your computer desktop or wherever it is into the message reply box (like shown below) and it will upload.
Text Line Font Parallel Screenshot

You can then choose to attach the picture as a thumbnail or full size.

If you need to upload a lot of files, click "Upload a File" in the reply box. Then click the file or files you want to upload. To select multiple files, hold the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard" while clicking.

To upload a file to your picture Gallery, click on Gallery at the top. Either "Create New Album" or "Add New Photos" will let you upload pictures to an existing or new gallery. After you upload the picture, make sure to click "SAVE" below your pictures to save them to your album.

Once the picture is saved to your album, click "Share" or the icon at the lower right to open the next screen.

From here you can share it via Google+, facebook, tweet it, or more. To post to the forum, use the "BBCode" section. Just copy and paste it to your post.

Uploading a profile picture or post avatar

To upload an "avatar" or profile picture, open your profile page by clicking your name at the upper right. ***Avatars should be at least 200x200 pixels! If they are smaller they will be resized and will look fuzzy! They will look better if they're square.
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