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The new radios for 2010 and the RNS510 are a little different than the 2005.5-2009 mk5 radios in that they use different radio and sirius antenna. The rest of the wiring is more or less correct and you don't need any special VCDS coding.

However, there is a problem with the RNS315. The red instrument clusters 2005.5-2009 use DDP communications and the white instrument clusters 2010 and newer use BAP. Because the RNS315 only came on white instrument cluster cars, the steering wheel buttons and MFD display won't work with the RNS315 if you have a red instrument cluster. The 2010 Jetta is not confirmed but because it has a white instrument cluster and has mk6 electrics I don't see why it wouldn't use BAP.

The head unit otherwise works fine by itself which means if you have a lowline car without the MFSW or MFD+ there's no problem.

Pictures of the adapters are within. I first read these instructions elsewhere but they weren't clear so I ended up buying the wrong adapter. Hopefully people will find these instructions perfectly clear.

I also didn't need any new CAN BUS modules due to a draining battery even though some do. I removed it just to see what people were talking about anyways.

The full writeup:

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