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How to remove the steering wheel

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The article linked above shows how to remove the steering wheel in a Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, or Passat TDI. The basic tips should also apply to New Beetle.

The trick is to turn the steering wheel 90 degrees to get access to the airbag clip. After that it's fairly obvious.

Caution: airbags can cause injury if they accidentally discharge from a static electricity spark or improper handling. Follow all safety instructions in your factory service manual. The car ignition must be off and the battery must be disconnected before doing any work on the airbag system. Even after disconnecting the battery, turn the ignition key to "ON" and step on the brake pedal to discharge any stored electricity. It would normally turn on the brake lights. Wear a static electricity grounding strap when handling an airbag, plug, or wires. If you don't have a grounding strap, touch a bare metal ground on the car before and while touching the airbag or wires to discharge any small static electricity. See the TOS Agreement for the full legal disclaimer.
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Those airbag clips are certainly NOT easy to unclip. A big pain...
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