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How to Prep Mk5 to Start after Storage

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My Mk5 Jetta has been stored now for three years.
I'm pretty sure I should drain the fuel tank and add fresh Diesel fuel. Are there other locations in the fuel system that must be drained, or are the volumes so small that they aren't harmful such as in the fuel pump(s) or injectors? Should I open a fitting and flush somehow with fresh fuel? Any suggestions?
In order to try to prevent problems on start-up, what else should I do in preparation to re-commission the vehicle?
I'm definitely willing to do some work here to avoid more and bigger work later!
Thanks in advance....
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3 year old diesel is fine. I'd be more worried about the condition of the battery. Before you attempt to start take the battery out, test it, charge it, replace it. Also look for evidence of creatures in the engine compartment , cabin and trunk. Specifically open the air box and look for nesting. Same goes for cabin filter. Cycle the key a couple times in case it lost prime.
How full is the tank? If it's down pretty low I would throw 5 gallons of fresh diesel in, pull a line after the filter hit your key and pump out about a quart into a glass jar. Can't hurt since it's been 3 years. It will give you a chance to clear some out and see what will be going to those high pressure injectors.
Thanks so much to both of you for your advice.
I took the battery out a long time ago and put it on a battery tender and it may be still ok. We'll see. It's a small expense compared to the benefit if I get this car rolling and fairly reliable.
The fuel is at about 1/2 full and I didn't know about adding stabilizers so I'll pump it out and take it to recycle.
... don't want to lose prime though. so I'll add 5 gallons and follow the advice above.
Anything else?
Joe Piro
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