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This is a mirror (with permission) of fahrenheit351's photobucket "how to". The original link is within. I made some minor edits and put everything on 1 page for easy viewing. I also resized/reduced file size for faster loading. The only major edit I made was jacking up the car. The original author put the floor jack on the lower suspension arm and the hydraulic floor jack on the subframe. I would have put the floor jack on the subframe and used the hydraulic floor jack as an emergency backup at a secondary point which isn't a suspension piece which is designed to move and is supported by large bushings which can shift. In this case the hydraulic floor jack was being used as the primary support and at no time should a hydraulic lift be used as the primary because they can suddenly fail. I don't think this is safe so I excluded that section and photos. Other than that, excellent documentation and photos.


The author used duplicolor caliper paint. You should be able to find caliper paint at any local parts store. Do not use regular paint because caliper paint is designed to resist high heat.
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