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I was looking at a car and wanted to do a vin check. I figured out how to get one for free. Some of the terms here are typed strangely with dashes or spaces and misspelled so that it won't get picked up by search engines. Please keep this for personal use or else they will probably pick up on widespread abuse and cancel the free reports. Please do not mention "eab ha-y" or "ka r-facts" by name and do not ask for free "ka r-facts" reports since that violates the terms of their agreement.

I've noticed that "eab ha-y" has a free "otto" check report under the History Report tab of every listing. I tried a little experiment to see if it would give a report on the one I was checking out so I listed an auction with the VIN and put a sparse, lousy description in the Describe Your Car section to not attract attention.

The first 4 cars for sale per year you list on "eab ha-y" in auction format or local listing are free.

It turned out to be clear and IMO, "otto" check VIN reports are better than "ka r-facts". If you look at enough "ka r-f act"s reports, some will omit a record (not necessarily bad, it's just not there). There are a lot of TDIs on sale on "eab-hey" which have clean titles but an accident history in the auto check section. When you're done, edit your listing and change the VIN so that it's not cached online and then cancel the auction. No fee unless you add bold title, buy it now, other options, etc.. If you don't change the VIN it'll still be there when you cancel the auction and stored online.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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