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rear lid removal

There are wires and pneumatic tube(s?) going into both sides of the lid near the area of the hinges. Sorry I don't know how they can be disconnected, I didn't have to do that at the time. There are two bolts on either side of the lid that keep it attached the hinges. You would be best off to have a helper with you when you release these bolts so that the lid doesn't slide off and strike the back window or paint.

I released the bolts with the lid partially raised and when one side was completely released the hinge popped completely open and the lid pivoted striking the glass and chipping paint off the lid. Doh!

I also found a rust hole under the lisence plate holder. When the vehicle was last painted someone plugged the hole with goo of some sort. Sadly this was not the way to go and may have let water to continue leaking into the lid and trunk thus causing further rust damage.
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