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How to disable immobilizer?

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Hello! I am from Estonia and I have VW Passat TDI 2002. I need to know how to disable immobilizer!
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Chip tuning through a flash can disable it. Were you looking for a quick and easy solution like press a few buttons? Doesn't exist.
I have the keys and immobilizer, the battery was low and after that the car doesn't recognize the key anymore. What do I have to do that the car would recognize the key again?
OK, common problem where the battery disconnect resets the immobilizer. Try leaving the car and ignition switch to ON for a half hour. This often resets it or it resets overnight. It shouldn't be activated by disconnecting the battery and this trick usually resets it.
chitty my cluster was busted out so i replaced it and now the immo is flashing i tried leaving the keys in with the battery charger on, is there anyway to reset it without the SKC code? I obviously don't have that.
The immo is flashing because the cluster is different. The SKC number, the correct VW tools, or a computer reflash to remove the immobilizer are required to put in a new cluster with your model year.
chitty, Is this reflashing you are talking about done by the dealers, or are there individual garages that can do this. The 02 golf didn't recognize the key yesterday, had to go pick up my wife before work. Went back this morning (28degres) and it recognized the key fired right off. It usually does this, of course at the most inconvenient times. I have spent enough money trying to get the keys and switch right, I just want it out of the system.
Dealers and 99.9% of garage wouldn't have a clue. Only a few specialized tuners. I know malonetuning and kermatdi can do it but it's a bench flash meaning you have to ship them your ECU. The immobilizer light will still be active if it's wrong but it'll always start.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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