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This propblem is often caused by a defective reader coil in the ignition switch. When the transponder reader coil is bad, the transponder signal from the key fob is weak or non existant, so the immo locks out the ECU. If confirmed the problem, the ignition switch with transponder chip reader coil must be replaced.
I have the immobilizer lights on. Car start and shut off in 2 sec. Tried left the key in on position with charger to battery for couple of hours, also touching both positive and negative wire but none of them work. Get locksmith come and re-program the key or even trying to by pass the immobilizer. However locksmith can't make it as they claim something to do with the "ignition ring". So I'm down to either ignition cylinder with immobilizer antenna or the ignition switch problem.

I can start the car with emergency start up (use trip reset and clock knob to enter the PIN code manually). Wondering if the ignition switch still be the root cause where I can't start the car normally?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts