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How to Bypass / Retreive SKC

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Hello all,

I bought my daughter a 2000 Jetta GLS 2.0 Last December and I want to install remote car starter for her but the bypass module requires programming but without the SKC I cannot use the scan tool. Unfortunately the previous owner removed it from the owners manual and dealer is way to expensive. Can anyone help?

Thanks Joe
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Those sorts of modules normally require you to take apart a key. Can they copy the immobilizer signal and replicate it instead?
No, this type has no key. It requires a scan tool and 2 operational programmed keys and SKC for the scan tool programming which I don't have. You simply hold the module near the key cylinder to program. But again I need the SKC for the programming. I know there is way to bypass / retrive the SKC. Looking for some help? I know it should not be posted here but if it can be sent to my email.
Thank you, I will read up on it.
For about 50$ you can buy a cable and program called Vag-tacho IIRR off ebay that will let you pull the code from your cluster.
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