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How to adjust camshaft timing on VW Passat TDI?

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Does anyone have any information on how to set the timing correctly. I've just done a timing belt on mine but I didn't loosen the cam sproket I just marked the cam and crank and put the new belt on exactly as the old belt came off and tensioned it.

I have VAGCOM and would like to make sure everything is 100% but haven't found alot of decent information as to how I can adjust it.
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I just added a video to the writeup showing how to do this yesterday: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/...t-pumpe-duse-pd-vw-tdi-audi-tdi-engines-7234/

FYI, I suggest putting the engine to TDC just to make sure it's on right. The reason the factory specifies doing it a certain way is so that cam timing is correct and belt tension is even across the belt.
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