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I have installed the pp520 nozzles and the euro chip RC 2 &3, stock straight pipes and it is a different beast, do not know what kind of power I gained but sure you could feel it when you drive it.
Well heck yea, it's a different beast, must be fun :)

I recommend for most people a setup that is: good performance/dollar value, keeps driveability, and keeps good features of the stock car.

In other words, chip before nozzles. Everything else being equal, bigger nozzles mean less fuel economy, more power. They are always spraying more fuel than smaller nozzles and the fuel is less atomized. A log burns slower than sawdust. BUT, everything else isn't equal when installing nozzles. People adjust the fueling with the chips or a VAG COM, new nozzles are usually in better condition than old nozzles, and of a slightly different spray pattern.

Even still, how often does that power get used and put to the ground? This is another reason why I suggest a chip - most people will use the additional power only sometimes. Unless you are building a true performance machine and want to spend $$$, you have to have a target for what you want and most people don't want a sports car, they want a "sporty car", and a chip provides an excellent bang/buck with minimal modification.

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Believe it or not, since I installed the nozzles and the chip I definetly get better fuel consumption, but if you step and push on the throttle down all the time, it may very well be a different story, but if you drive it like you usually drive the car before modding it, you should see an improvement in MPG, at least I have seen 2 miles improvement in my golf and Jetta TDI.

But what you are going to like a lot is, when you touch the throttle with your foot just a little, that TDI becomes a beast, it really wants to take off.

Happy modding to everybody.
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