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Is an inch of play back and forth normal before the axles turn???
So I had lots of bad symptoms and when I took the transmission out I found the lock ring that holds the cover on the clutch pack had come out and hammered hard on every tooth in the case. (photo below)
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Now my question is how much play should there be in the differential when I turn the clutch pack. I can turn it back and forth almost an inch (at it's outer edge) before the axles start to move. If I turn it more, everything is smooth with no grinding noises. I don't want to open the case to look at the gears if I don't have too.
Is this a normal amount of wear and backlash in the differential for 160,000 miles?
And BTW how in the heck does that lock ring come loose??? it seems inexcusable from an engineering point of view, although I searched and there are numerous instances on the forum.
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