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how far to go in repair

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I thought I found aa once in a lifetime deal ha ha bought a 2002 jetta tdi with 115k mile for under a grand was told all it needed was a turbo (besides a door and fender cosmedic's who cares that will come later) now i believe it may need more, used id parts so far on getting tubo but now looking for rebuilder in the mid michigan area, how much is too much moeny to put into this year car and what other worn items should I be looking for.
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The year is older but the mileage is very low so I'd say it's worth a few grand in good running condition and good shape. However, you say it's banged up so that is a deduction off the market price. Take a look through the buying guide for common problems. The turbo might just need vacuum lines or solenoid, take a look through the low power troubleshooting guide for tips on why the turbo might be OK.
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