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Honoring Chittybangbang

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I just want to say a big thank to Chittybangbang for allowing us to peak at this well organized, and very instructional forum, I can not even imagine how much time he has spent to put it together, this is where we start off learning about how to,,,fix our TDI engines.

This forum has my two thumbs ups, Thanks again, we will back you up, keep it up Chittybangbang.
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Haha, I would have returned your thanks earlier if the forum didn't crash!

Honestly, a lot of the info I learned I learned from a few other forums and vw manuals, all I did was organize it into a standard format and make it easy to find. For example, the big brake FAQ page for TDIs is similar to the vortex's page but I made it specific to TDIs and updated it. I hope the site is as good as others soon.
One of the problems in the other forums is that you post a question about to get an advise on how to,, and next thing you see, is an answer where you get flamed by a TDI guru or any other member, and sometimes they make you feel like you are ignorant, so that is the big difference here in this forum so far.

The reason that we usually go to this, or other forums, is because we want to learn, and also to get guideness how to fix our cars,,,not to get flamed.
I think part of the problem is that the same questions come up again and again and users don't know how to search. It's easy to get frustrated when you answer the same question and when you don't get a response. Another thing is that the best info on this site gets put into the FAQ in a timely fashion.

Anyways, I think there is plenty of room for multiple TDI forums and if there was a TDI magazine too, I would read it!
I agree, thanks for making the FAQ, keep it up!
2nd, thank you for organizing it and keeping it maintained.
Well I added it up, I have over 500 pages of how to and FAQ. A few of them are still in rough draft and aren't yet published. Over 2000 images. 90% of this stuff is original, 10% is credited to another source but rewritten and organized. For example, to make the Audi TT/R32 lower control arm swap writeup, I had to sort out 20 pages of forum posts to summarize and organize the few good posts into a standard format.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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