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holy moly, 930,000 miles...on a 1995 civic

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To make this diesel related, remember the highest mileage vw? It gets beat hands down by this 1995 civic. In rate of mileage accumulation, this is 1000x more too.

The average is 200+ miles every day for 12 years!

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The article says he drove cross country for his job....I hope that he had to make business calls on the way for it to be worth it!
There's no way the car is in excellent shape. Maybe the body is in excellent shape but with almost a mil, the paint and windshield will have lots of small chips from road use, the suspension will be worn out.

Yes the engine can still be in good shape but there's no way the suspension can last a million miles. Here is the ad

It is about time to part with my beloved Civic which I had since 1995 and put many - I mean M A N Y M I L E S O N IT.I M E A N I T ! ! !.It is very hard to believe I know, but the odometer never failed and that's the actual miles - 930 000 ( Mostly Highway) miles ! .Yes it's true Hondas go forever ! ! !.The car is still in excellent shape - still runs like new - there are absolutely no leaks or noises of any kind - doesnt even burn oil ! The body and the interior is perfect -I never had it in accident and I still have the original floormats.The reason of the HIGH MILEAGE is because I travel for business very often from Miami to Seattle and San Francisco.If you look at the car you wouldnt believe the mileage.I have all the records for the maintenance - I VE REPLACED THE TIMING BELT&THE WATER PUMP 8 TIMES THE CLUTCH 3 TIMES BUT HAS THE ORIGINAL ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION ! ! !I SPOIL MY BABY AND CHANGE THE OIL ( CASTROL ) EVERY 2500 MILES ! ! !One of the dashboardlights doesnt work sometimes but thats the only problem.The A/C is ICE COLD and the tires are 7 months old.There is not even a scratch on the car.If you are scared of the mileage - dont look at the odometer! .Personally I think that my car will drive until One Million and One Hundred - One Million and Two Hundred - I am very positive and my mechanic agrees.Any way if you have any questiones or you wish a testdrive just e mail me and I will call you
Some type of story is being made up here, I would really doubt that a Gasser would go even close to a millon miles, even if you change the oil every 2,500 miles, this guy claims that he traveled from Atlanta to SF, that's got to be more than 3,000 miles one way, do you think he would stop to change his oil in the middle of his travel to SF. I am skeptical on this story
Good point. It's possible but unlikely.

Well he did say that the car would drive until 1,000,200. That's only a few thousand miles! Odd that he has bbs wheels on it too.
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